Trade conditions

  1. Way of ordering good, and making contract of purchase

    Shopper order is considered as a suggestion of purchase contract. This contract is made at the moment of delivery of obligatory mail order, confirmation by phone or email. To validity order which is made by e-mail is necessary to fill in all forms prescribed and propriety. Delivery location of article is delivered address which is written by buyer in order form. Propriety right to take article comes to buyer after getting and payment.

  2. Contradiction in purchase contract

    When article during takeover is not identical, the same with contract of purchase, there is a buyer right to get proper thing in adegual status with purchase contract without money = free of charge. When article to buyer was sent by delivery company it is mandatory for buyer to control consigment if it is not damage during transport. In case that buyer will take over from shipper damaged consigment of article, it is not possible in conseqment of getting refund on damaged article via transport.

  3. Term of article delivery

    Article which is disposal at stock will be dispatch or send off during two weekdays after confirmation of order and delivered to buyer via Czech post in rate its terms (maximally to 2 weekwork days). Article delivered goods which isn’t disposal at stock it will be agreed by contract between seller and buyer.

  4. Way of payment

    Way of payment for ordered article

    • via cash delivery at getting article
    • by invoice due till 14 days
  5. Price and way of payment

    The whole prices are contracted and getting on basic of offer seller. Seller will transport goods with transport company help, mostly Czech Post office (service PROFIPARCEL).

  6. Resignation from contract of purchase – from buyer side

    To resignate from purchase contract is possible for buyer the whole time of order till to limited delivery date. In such case buyer will contact seller writtenly or by phone. After this date it will not be accepted customer resignation because goods will be expeded out and invoiced.

  7. Resignation from contract of purchase – from seller side

    Seller makes a right proviso to cancel order of its part whether article hasn’t been produced yet or delivered.

  8. Complaint / claim for a refund

    Complaints are solved after law number 40/1964 collection, in later prescription (code of law) and law n. 634/1992 collection volume about protection of consumer in later instruction.

  9. Protection of perosonal datas

    Personal datas (as for example name, address, phone, e-mail, bank connection, identifical number and so on) which are complements of order are considered like discreet and they are protected against abuse or malpractise.

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