Complaint way / claim for a refund

Even if we produce goods and articles of the best quality and each piece which leaves our production is going through careful control it can be possible and necessary to claim for a refund of some product or complaint. In this case you can contact us on phone number +420 733 512 496 or by email address Then it will be able to agree individual process claim for replacement. Complaints don’t refer to defect caused improper treatment.

Complaint way / Claim for refund

  • Returned article has to be without using damage with labels as you took delivery of it.
  • This article you have to send till 14 days, 2 weeks on our address together with copy of proof of payment and pressed application about refund returned article which you will find here
  • Then you will receive money in you account.

Refund payment will be equal price of returned article and expenses which seller used for product delivery to customer (for example transport, carriage …). In case that buyer decides to withdraw from contract, it is possible to send available information email to seller on address with recommended letter or in person.

Withdrawing from contract from the seller side and law to change price

  • Seller makes a promise to cancel order or its part in these cases: article is not still produced or delivered.

In this point of case buyer, purchaser will be without delay contact and next process will be agreed with purchaser.
Current valid prices are confirmed by buyer at the moment of confirmation order. If the current price is the same as on order, it isn’t confirmed back to buyer and article is delivered in valid price at once accepting order. If the price will be higher than price written on order, seller without delay will have to inform buyer who can accept new price or cancel this order. At phone order it is always buyer informed about current price for special order. Complaints are solved in meaning of law number 40 / 1964 collection, later regulation instructions (civil code of law) and law number 634 / 1992 collection about protection of consumer in meaning later or update regulations.

This code of law gives to trade dealer possibility to cut, put down rate part for able article damage. Even seller can account to customer operation costs with taking product to original status.

Way of exchanging article

  • It has to be unwore, undamaged with original labels the name as you received.
  • Send goods till 14 days on our address together with copy bill and pressed application for exchanging article, which you will find here here
  • At once after getting of sent article we will do exchange of goods and send it back. In case that this article will not be at stock then customer will have to be informed and next there is agreement between buyer and seller about solving situation.
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